Artbooks Preparation Package (PDF)

Tax Checklist  •  HST/GST  •  Childcare Expense  •  Medical Expense  •  Complete Package

Plus Profit & Loss Statement by Profession (PDF)

Actor  •  Dancer / Choreographer  •  Filmmaker  •  Journalist  •  Musician  •  Photographer  •  Therapist  •  Visual Artist

Optional (PDF)

HST/GST Method  •  GST/HST Nuts & Bolts  •  Get the HST Out of Your Pocket  •  Travel Chart


Government of Canada Revenue Agency
CRA site contains income tax information, as well as downloadable forms, publications, and guides.

Government of Canada GST Information
General Information for HST/GST Registrants, including a listing of taxable goods and services, exempt goods and services and downloadable forms and publications.

Government of Canada Income Security Programs
Information about the Old Age Security (OAS) program and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) including payment rates, benefits and supplements. Online services include a Retirement Income Calculator and CPP Applications forms.

Ontario General Income Tax & Benefit package
A listing of Ontario provincial tax information, programs forms, publications, and guides.

Loose Change Inc.
Loose Change Financial Therapy is the place where money and feelings meet. We will help you to name the obstacles to your financial comfort and overcome them.