At Artbooks, your tax return goes through a minimum of 8 stages and at least 5 pairs of hands before we mail out the final version. The real work of processing your return cannot begin until we receive your last piece of information. This is much easier to do earlier in the season, simply because we have more time. So, instead of basing your pricing time zone on the date of your appointment, it will be based on the date you get your last piece of information into our office. This change better reflects the level of pressure placed on your accounting team.

We are not only trying to encourage you to come in as early as possible, but also to get your missing information in quickly. This way we can process your file before our workload quadruples and time pressures mount as we approach the dreaded  April 30th deadline.

Our prices are the same as they were last year. Like last year we have
maintained the lower price of T4 returns and the HST prices .

Our process around filing the HST remains the same as last year: it costs $25 extra for anyone who is registered for HST. Our traditional $50 fee for factoring out the HST on the Long method has been reduced to $25 for one more year..

Before April 1$305$330$255$100$125
April 1 (+$25)$330$355$280$100$125
April 15 (+$25)$355$380$305$125$150
April 22 (+$25)$380$405$330$125$150
May - Feb.$305$330$255$100$125

Appointments with senior Preparers are subject to a premium:

An additional $25 will be charged for factoring out Long method HST

Amanda – $45, Tova – $10, Deb – $10

Be aware that the schedule will fill up fairly quickly so book your appointment early. Please note that we require 2 full business days’ notice to cancel an appointment or the full fee for that appointment will apply..

* NOTE: Short appointments are by invitation only.

** NOTE: Simple (or complex) T4 returns do NOT include meetings with a preparer. If you wish an appointment to discuss your finances consider booking a consultation after the tax season.